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Vintage Paper Co makes books, prints, bags, specialist tools and other occasional items, entirely by hand. The focus is always on quality over quantity - most of our products being one-offs or limited run, numbered series. 

VPCo began life in the 2000s, buying and selling antique and vintage handmade paper for fine art (hence the name). It has slowly spread its wings from being a simple supplier of artists' materials to becoming a leading maker of small batch, luxurious, completely unnecessary, but highly desirable things.

Our passion and knowledge for beautiful paper still exists and informs the products we make. We don't use electrical machinery, because our equipment tends to date from Victorian times when electricity wasn't a thing. 

The business is based in an old Northern Lighthouse Board building in the small town of Stromness, on an island on/in Orkney, which is about 20 miles off the northernmost point of Scotland.

It's a long story, but thousands of years ago. Orkney may have been the centre of northern civilisation, but if you want more info about that, Google is your friend. 

In the winter, access to the islands can be limited due to the weather, which is normally very windy and wet. Daylight hours are limited too. Taking vitamin D can be helpful.

If you head due north from Orkney, there's no land between it and the North Pole, which is probably one of the reasons for the freezing cold winds.

From spring onwards, daylight arrives early in the morning and extends until the very late night hours, and every now and then, when the sun's shining it may well be one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Everything we produce is made by hand in Scotland using artisan quality materials and traditional techniques. We call this Properly Made. 

Best wishes, William
Vintage Paper Co. 

Vintage Paper Co is a UK registered trademark - UK00003149160

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