VPCo Handmade

VPCo Handmade is a range of papers for printmaking, drawing and watercolour.

Hot Pressed 200lb

Watercolour & Printmaking

Cold Pressed 140lb


VPCo Handmade 400 Botanical VPCo Handmade 140lb printmaking paper

These papers are handmade in small batches for Vintage Paper Co by master papermakers using traditional methods and materials.

VPCo Printmaking

This paper is made using 100% cotton and is internally sized. It is made in one size, 140lb, 300gsm, Quarter Imperial. 


To help us show the wide range of printmaking disciplines this paper can handle we asked master printmakers Highland Print Studio of Inverness to produce some samples from their catalogue on our paper. The inks used were provided by Cranfield Colours.  

These prints will be shown at SGCI Printmaking Conference in Las Vegas in April. 



Media - Etching/Aquatint on steel.

Artist - Pamela Tait

Ink - Cranfield Etching

Etching by Pamela Tait



Media - Collograph

Artist - Jan Baxendall

Ink - Cranfield Etching





Media - Polymer Photogravure

Artist - Angela Cran

Ink - Cranfield Etching Mid Black

Polymer photogravure


Media - Polymer Photogravure

Artist - Lynn Strachan

Ink - Cranfield Intaglio Ink

Lynn Strachan Photo Polymer Gravure



Media - Linocut

Artist - John McNaught

Ink - Cranfield Oil Based Relief, Carbon Black

LIno Cut


Media - Linocut

Artist - John McNaught

Ink - Cranfield Relief Inks

John McNaught Linocut

John McNaught Linocut



Media - Etching on Brass

Artist - Pamela Tait

Ink - Cranfield Etching, Mid Black




Moira Downie Linocut

Media - Letterpress 

Letterpress on VPCo Printmaking

Letterpress on VPCo Printmaking

Letterpress on VPCo Printmaking


VPCo Watercolour

VPCo Watercolour is a hot-pressed, gelatine sized paper designed for line and wash; in other words, highly detailed art. 

Sold in packs of 5, these measure 400gsm, 200lb, 16 x 22 inches or 410 x 560 mm.


Marbled paper on VPCo Watercolour