VPCo Handmade Botanical Watercolour
VPCo Hot Pressed 200lb 400gsm
VPCo Handmade Botanical Watercolour
VPCo Handmade Botanical Watercolour
VPCo Handmade Botanical Watercolour
VPCo Handmade Botanical Watercolour

VPCo Hot Pressed 200lb 400gsm

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VPCo 200lb Hot Pressed
Made in England by hand.
VPCo Hot Pressed 200lb is an archival, strong, durable and dimensionally stable paper offering an outstanding surface for a variety of mediums from watercolour paint, etching inks and acrylic paints. 
A truly beautiful, extra heavyweight handmade paper for any artist who craves a high quality, smooth surface to work on. 

These natural white sheets have been hot pressed making them smooth yet still retaining a very subtle textured surface.

Due to the way this paper has been sized it can used for both printmaking and watercolour. We used Aquapel as an internal size and gelatine as an external size. 

Shevaun Doherty

Knapweed and bee (the bee is about 10mm in size) - test painting by Shevaun Doherty

We offer a true artisan material inspired by the papers made in the golden age of British hand papermaking but which can withstand the demands of contemporary fine-art in the 21st century. 

Sold in packs of 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100.

Large orders may require a special making and so there may be a delay in fulfilling your order.

Made in small batches to ensure consistency and quality. 

Material - 100% long-fibre cotton

Size - 16 x 22 inches, 410 x 560 mm (approximately)

Please note that the single sheet will be cut and sent as 4 sheets, each measuring approximately 8 x 11 inches, 205 x 255 mm.

Weight - Extra Heavyweight, 400gsm, 200lb.

Sample paper available here

This is what Shevaun Doherty had to say about using the paper:

I’ve been painting on Fabriano Artistico (old stock), so thought I’d try out some of the new hot press paper that was sent to me by the Vintage Paper Company. This is probably the best way to compare paper performance, especially since the old Fabriano is a hard act to follow!
I was pleasantly surprised by the new paper. It’s not as smooth as the Fabriano, but the texture wasn’t a problem at all. The colours were bright, the lines crisp (essential for detail work) and most importantly, the paint moved well on the paper, making it easy to lift, pull and smoosh about. It was slightly more absorbent than the Fabriano (I could feel the drag of the brush sometimes), but that’s easily remedied by running a clean damp brush over the surface before applying the wash. The only thing that I noticed was that when applying a wash, sometimes little spots would appear... but they tended to disappear when the paint dried. Pencil marks rubbed out very easily... that has been an issue with other papers. 
Verdict: I was impressed with this paper. I need to try it again with something that requires a lot of layers and flat washes to see how it behaves.