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When watercolour paper isn't just for watercolour

We've been experimenting with our vintage paper and this is what happened... LETTERPRESS PRINTING Letterpress printed on handmade vintage papers by The Smallprint Company of Sheffield, England. A more traditional letterpress print by Piccolo Press of Nairn, Scotland.  You can order these letterpress samples here   MARBLED PAPER Hand marbled paper by Jemma Lewis Marbling. You can buy marbled paper here We're in the process of having these wonderful WSH Papers tested with other techniques and will keep you posted as and when. 

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Marbled Paper a-go-go.

We've been toying with selling non vintage papers since forever and this week we've taken the plunge. Being fans of fine things we decided to start off by getting in some beautiful hand marbled paper. Made in Wiltshire in the UK by one of the masters of the craft; Jemma Lewis, it all began when she asked for samples of our WSH paper to try out.    Of course we already knew of Jemma's work because it's our business to know about people like Jemma we jumped at the chance of seeing how it would work. One thing led to another and we ended up ordering six designs of her work to resell that you can see if you click...

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Vintage Paper - what?!

  OK. We sell vintage paper. So what's vintage paper? It's old paper made by mills who don't exist any more, at least that's how we classify it.  They don't exist any more because it became economically unfeasible to make paper by hand due to rising energy costs, labour costs, skill shortage and competition from cheaper paper making processes.  The skills required to make a sheet of perfect paper time and time again cannot be underestimated. There are still a handful of people in the west who make paper by hand for a living but not many. The papers made by these men and women are fabulous, really amazing and we love the fact that if you know what to...

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