This is, we believe, the biggest blank book containing handmade paper in the world.

BIG BOOK is a Properly Made Book and has been made to the highest standard available anywhere. The covers are hand marbled, the spine is a vintage Morocco Levant, a very high grade of goatskin leather.

Big Book comes with its own box with a drop-down front to help remove it.

It weighs a mammoth 12.5kg or 27lb and measures 585 x 405 x 70 mm or 23 x 16 x 2 3/4 inches when closed.

When open it measures 880mm or 34 1/2 inches across seen here photographed with a pencil to give an idea of scale. Big Book is big. 

Like all Properly Made Books it opens completely flat and the top edge is gilt to match the extensive gold tooling.

The paper inside is vintage handmade Crisbrook by J Barcham Green made at Hayle Mill in the 60s. The surface is Hot Press; perfectly smooth and especially useful for detailed watercolours - flowers and birds etc.

Big Book has gold tooling everywhere, inside and out. 

We're not entirely sure when or if we'll make this available for sale but if you are interested get in touch.

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