About VPCo

Vintage Paper Co buys and sells vintage and contemporary handmade paper for fine art. 

We also sell hand printed decorative papers, high quality contemporary paper for fine-art and handmade sketchbooks and journals.

The owner (William) founded this weird little business accidentally about 10 years ago as a informal way to make a few pennies after a spell of illness and it has grown into a (still pretty informal) slightly bigger but still inconsequentially small business selling a very niche range of hard to find papers and high quality handmade goods.

We (actually mainly just William but with occasional help) work from an old Northern Lighthouse Board building in the small town of Stromness on an island (somewhat confusingly called Mainland) on/in Orkney which is about 20 miles off the northernmost point of Scotland.  

We make a lot of our products in-house and we also work with a few great bookbinders, paper artists and printmakers whose work we admire. We ask them to make us something unique and special but most importantly, something that they love and that they'd be proud to own themselves.    

Sometimes this means that these products are quite expensive especially when compared to mass made products but this reflects the time and materials used. 

We do not sell things that are readily available from other paper merchants or art stores because what's the point? There are businesses out there who do a brilliant job doing this and I genuinely respect what they do but I don't want to do that. 

Top quality handmade things are a testament to traditional craftsmanship, something we truly value. If someone dedicates their life to perfecting a particular craft we look on in awe and we want be able to share that with you. 

I hope you like them as much as we do. 

Best wishes, William
Owner, Vintage Paper Co. 

Vintage Paper Co is a UK registered trademark.


VAT: 3116731 33