Yapp Binding #5 - "Robert Smart" Vellum
Yapp Binding #5 - "Robert Smart" Vellum

Yapp Binding #5 - "Robert Smart" Vellum

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A Yapp binding is a bookbinding style which was most commonly used in the 19th century in devotional books (bibles, prayer books etc) in which the book has a flexible covering material: cloth, leather, vellum, paper etc.

Yapp bindings named after its inventor (Mr Yapp) have edges which flop or loosely fold over the text block to protect it when in a bag or pocket. 

Finding these today as a blank book for is super unusual so we thought we'd make a few. The structure is quite simple and you can see the book's structural cords under the covering material which we kind of really like. 

The books are filled with various types of paper for drawing and writing, the details of which are below.  

About This Book

Covering Material: Antique vellum document

Vellum or parchment was the forerunner to paper. Like leather it is made using animal skin and was prized for its almost indestructible qualities which is why is was often used in legal documents.

Size: 95 x 140 mm,  3 3/4 x 5 1/2 inches

Pages: 60 (120 sides)

Paper Inside: a vintage paper, white wove, flyweight made by A Milbourne. For writing & drawing.