Yapp Binding #16 - Dutch Gilt
Yapp Binding #16 - Dutch Gilt

Yapp Binding #16 - Dutch Gilt

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A Yapp binding is a bookbinding style which was most commonly used in the 19th century in devotional books (bibles, prayer books etc) in which the book has a flexible covering material: cloth, leather, vellum, paper etc.

Yapp bindings named after its inventor (Mr Yapp) have edges which flop or loosely fold over the text block to protect it when in a bag or pocket. 

Finding these today as a blank book for is super unusual so we thought we'd make a few. The structure is quite simple and you can see the book's structural cords under the covering material which we kind of really like. 

About This Book

Covering Material: Hand printed Dutch Gilt made on Oxgangs handmade paper.

Dutch Gilt is a relied print process using metal leaf instead of inks. It dates back to 18th century Europe and was used as a decorative paper to cover books. 

Size: 180 x 115 mm, 7 x 4 1/2 inches

Pages: 16 (32 sides)

Paper Inside: vintage J Barcham Green watercolour paper.