Yamato Nori - Japanese Glues
Yamato Nori - Japanese Glues
Yamato Nori - Japanese Glues
Yamato Nori - Japanese Glues

Yamato Nori - Japanese Glues

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Effective for bookbinding and all papers from very lightweight washi papers to heavyweight watercolour sheets.

Works with paper, card, leather and bookcloth. 

Yamato Nori glue is a vegetable starch adhesive, made from tapioca.

It is a gentle, archival quality (acid-free) glue that is environmentally friendly, water soluble and safe for children to use. 

  • Yamato's Nori Starch paste was first produced in 1899 and is still made using the same packaging aesthetic
  • Bright tube colours with a distinctive Yellow screw cap
  • Paste is made using tapioca starch - environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • Can be applied using a brush or fingers
  • Odourless and dries clear
  • Tube has a pleasing 'squishy' feel and is great for use in crafting activities 

Nori is a clear drying, unaggressive, medium to slow drying adhesive.

Available in 3 sizes:

Small - 55g squeezy tube

Medium - 220g squeezy tube

Large - 380g tub



An acid-free starch paste adhesive perfect for very lightweight Japanese and Korean papers. 

  • Traditional 'washi-nori' Japanese crafting paste
  • Light and silky texture, applies with ease
  • Wrinkle free when applied and dries smooth
  • Suitable for use in delicate crafting projects e.g. when using thin sheets of washi paper or tracing paper
  • Consistency of glue is not wet and will not seep through paper
  • Can be applied with a brush or with fingers - lightly dab the paste and dot onto paper
  • 100g screw-on lid container