WSH Handmade - Marbled Papers

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Choose from 25 unique designs created by one of the world's leading marbled paper artists; Jemma Lewis.   

We've used some very special vintage 1950s handmade watercolour paper for these wonderful works of art making these totally unique to VPCo. These are produced as one-off sheets. 

Each design is unique and they feature various traditional design elements such as tiger eye, Spanish ripple, combing and feathering whilst using modern colours.

From a technical aspect the papers have no grain direction so they're a wonderful bookbinding paper. From a looking-at aspect, these are just beautiful in their own right. 


Sheet Size 76 x 51 cm, 30 x 20 inches

Paper WSH Watercolour 180gsm 90lb. Pure cotton rag.

Marbled papers have traditionally been used in bookbinding and box making as well as adding coloured elements to furniture. We've also seen these used in lampshade design, card making and commonly being framed as an eye catching work of art in the home or office