VPCo Landscape Sketchbook #15 Brown & Toffee

VPCo Landscape Sketchbook #15 Brown & Toffee

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Entirely handmade and covered with our hand printed covers from the VPCo Press range using our #3 Red print. The design originates in 18th century Europe but interestingly the diamond design is also found in Edo period Japanese printed papers too. 

Made in a classic British stationery style with linen rounded spines and coloured end papers inside, these little books are both stylish and and practical.

The VPCo Landscape book is a handy size for travel or studio use.  

These contain 32 pages (64 sides) of unlined, natural white smooth cartridge paper for ink, pencil and light watercolour work.

SIZE: 205 x 150 mm, 8 x 6 inches

PAGES: 32 (64 sides)