Commonplace Journal #046
Commonplace Journal #046
Commonplace Journal #046

Commonplace Journal #046

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Indulge in the timeless elegance and sophistication of this handcrafted binding, perfect for capturing your own unique story. Whether used as a sketchbook, journal, for recording recipes or used as a guestbook, this one-of-a-kind piece also makes for a truly exceptional gift.

These unique bindings are part of a limited series made in our Stromness workshop with vellum and rare and experimental hand-printed papers.

Each book contains 192 pages of text-weight, off-white Italian paper with a traditional laid surface, perfect for writing and drawing in ink or pencil.


Tightback - One of the many reasons VPCo bindings differ from standard, off-the-shelf bindings is the the advanced binding technique used to create these books.

tightback bindings lay completely flat without causing damage to the spine

The tightback binding technique allows these books to lay flat.

tighback bindings open a full 360 degress

The tightback binding technique allows the book to open up to a full 360 degrees without fear of causing structural damage to the spine.

In the studio, these can be laid completely flat on a table or, if out in the field, or working in tight spaces, they can be completely folded back and held in one hand. 


This series of books exclusively uses vellum in a variety of finishes on its spine and corners. From top to bottom:

1. Upcycled, antique legal documents (mortgages, leases, wills etc) written on vellum.

2. New goatskin vellum from Brazil, decorated Pollock style, in our workshop using various metallic and flat drawing inks.

3. Antique vellum, toned and decorated with walnut dye in our workshop.

4. Letterpress printed in our workshop.

We appreciate the durability and elegance of vellum over leather, which can be more cumbersome, less malleable, and weaker.

Vellum is a type of animal product, similar to leather but with a hard, papery-like surface. Used for thousands of years as a writing and drawing material, vellum (also known as parchment) was the precursor to paper. Even back in ancient times, it was considered an expensive material and was only used in the most precious and important items such as illuminated prayer books, bibles, maps and documents. The Declaration of Independence, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Domesday Book, laws made in the Houses of Parliament were all written on vellum.

vellum tipped corners look good and add protection

Vellum is also used on the corners of these books - it looks smart and sophisticated but it also has a practical purpose of protecting the most vulnerable part of the book when in transit or when dropped. 


All of the books in this series are crafted with hand printed paper covers, mainly originating from our archive of one-off or limited edition prints.

This book is covered with a relief paste print made on walnut dye painted VPCo Handmade paper

This binding:

  • 192 pages of blank paper for writing & drawing
  • Landscape format
  • 8¾ x 6 inches, 215 x 150 mm
  • Hand printed covers 
  • Tightback structure allowing the books to be opened fully without breaking.
  • Vellum/parchment spines and corners.