Properly Made 360° Sketchbook #1 with personalisation
Properly Made 360° Sketchbook #1 with personalisation
Properly Made 360° Sketchbook #1 with personalisation

Properly Made 360° Sketchbook #1 with personalisation

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hand printed paper covers, a leather spine, vellum tipped corners and filled with handmade cotton rag watercolour paper.

It's fair to say that VPCo are obsessed with producing some of the very best quality products you can find today. We choose materials and employ techniques rarely used elsewhere in this day and age. Our Properly Made Sketchbooks are another example of this obsession; little details and flourishes which makes each of these wonderful books unique. 


At no extra cost why not add some initials or perhaps a name to the front of the leather spine? 

Simply email or call us and let us know what you'd like embossed (not gold lettering) and we'll be delighted to help.

The Cover

A metallic copper-bronze Katagami paper hand printed by VPCo in Stromness, Orkney. This particular pattern dates back to the Edo Period of Japan's history and would have been seen on fine quality indigo dyed fabrics.

The Spine

Best quality vegetable tanned goatskin leather. Made in Edinburgh by Hewits.

The Corners

Vellum tipped for added protection.

We add natural or walnut dyed vellum tips to all of our Properly Made Sketchbooks. Vellum or parchment is an extremely resiliant natural material which protects the corners of these books when being carried in a bag or placed on a shelf. Yet another touch of luxury and quality not found elsewhere. 

Paper Inside

A medium-textured 200gsm handmade cotton rag paper. Suitable for writing, drawing and painting (watercolours, gouache, acrylics, inks and pencil).


We use a traditional bookbinding method rarely used anywhere else. This technique; flexible binding, was often used to create some of the finest quality books dating back to the 18th century and before. Nowadays outside of VPCo it's rarely used due to the skills and time required to create something of this quality.

Properly Made Sketchbooks can be opened fully without any fear of causing damage to the spine. 

A Properly Made Sketchbook can even be fully opened 360 degrees without causing damage to the spine. 

Pages: 38 (76 sides)

Closed Size: 250 x 215 mm, 9 3/4 x 8 1/2 inches (approx)

Fully Opened Size:  505 x  215 mm, 20 x 8 1/2 inches (approx)


We aim to ship within two working days of receieving your order. If there are any delays we will keep you informed.

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USA, Can, Aus, NZ - £16.50 (US $23)

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