John and Jane Jeffery Dutch Gilt Brocade Paper
No.18 Dutch Gilt Animals John and Jane Jeffery
No.18 Dutch Gilt Animals John and Jane Jeffery

No.18 Dutch Gilt Animals

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Handmade print featuring various wild animals including elephant, rhinos, bears, lion and monkeys! Cute.

Dutch Gilt and Stencilled Paper.

A type of highly decorative paper whose origins date back to 1700s Europe where they were used as covers for children's books. Printed by means of blocks of wood or metal, or by engraved rollers.

A great variety of designs was employed in these papers, many being in imitation of the brocades and damasks of the period. Some have figures of huntsmen, animals and birds, saints, mythological beasts, and Renaissance strap and scroll patterns; many arc embossed, and some are printed on colored paper.

The probable method of their execution consisted of transferring gold size to the paper by means of wooden plates or engraved rollers, the former first being pressed onto a pad saturated with the size, the latter having the size painted on. When the size on the paper had dried to the correct state, the gold was dusted on, and, when the size was dry, the superfluous gold was brushed off. If it was desired to have the gold raised the size was thickened with yellow ochre or red lead. The method of coloring is unknown, but it may have been done by dabbing or stencilling.

Size - 490 x 38 mm, 19 1/4 x 15 inches.