Layflat Journal - Blue Flowers
Layflat Journal - Blue Flowers

Layflat Journal - Blue Flowers

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Made to the very highest standard, these lay-flat books contain 82 pages (164 sides) of super smooth cream cartridge paper.

Entirely handmade in Scotland, all of our books have hand printed paper covers, tooled spines and internal vellum tipped corners (not visible on the exterior but visible on the interior) to help to protect the book in their day to day use. 


Due to the traditional, long way round techniques used to make these wonderful books, they open completely flat without any danger of breaking the spine.


Made from a variety of leathers, all with simple gold tooling to the top and tail and blind tooling (no gold) along the long sides front and rear. 


As always, our books are covered in a variety of beautiful hand printed papers. 

These are made using a variety of techniques but they always start with a hand cut lino block. The multi coloured prints are then coloured by hand using a stencil. 

Due to the combination of papers and leather, every single book we produce is unique. 

You cannot find books of this quality anywhere else. 

Size: 175 x 125mm, 7 x 5 inches

These books are easily carried, the individual page size just a little bit smaller than European A5. 

Pages: 82 (164 sides) 

Paper:  Super smooth unlined cartridge for inks and pencil.