J Whatman - 1898 Handmade. White, Imperial, 230gsm 120lb.

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Handmade in 1898 at the Springfield Mill 

Type: Drawing Paper

'Drawing Paper' referred to papers which were made for fine-art disciplines including drawing, printmaking and painting etc.

Typical uses include drawing, painting, printmaking. 

Shade: White

Nominal Size: Imperial

Size (mm): 560 x 775

Size: (inches): 22 x 30 1/2

Ream Weight: 120lb

Sheet Weight: 230gsm

Surface: Wove, Hot Pressed

Year: 1898 

Handmade: Linen rag, gelatine sized. 

There is nothing which compares to the quality of J Whatman handmade paper. The discipline required to consistently make the same sheet time and time again is apparent when you handle these papers. They are simply magnificent.