J Whatman 1868 hot pressed double elephant
Antique J Whatman - Large Double Elephant size
J Whatman 1871 hot pressed double elephant
J Whatman 1886 rough double elephant
J Whatman 1877 NOT double elephant
J Whatman 1881 ROUGH double elephant
J Whatman 1881 Hot Pressed Double Elephant

Antique J Whatman - Large Double Elephant size

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These 6 wonderful, large scale wove papers were handmade between 1868 and 1886.

Size - approximately 680 x 1020 mm, 27 x 40 inch, Double Elephant

Useful for printmaking (relief, etching, letterpress, screenprint etc), watercolour, drawing, pen, ink, pencil, digital inkjet. The Hot Pressed papers are particularly suitable for detail work such as botanical art.  

All of the papers are generally in good condition, some have a few age-related marks or imperfections commensurate with papers in excess of 130 years old.

The papers are watermarked with "J Whatman" and the year of manufacture, 

There are 6 papers in this range:

1868 HP - 125gsm:

Hot pressed surface (very smooth).  Ideal for detail work (botanical etc), drawing, printmaking.

1871 HP - 125gsm

Hot Pressed surface (very smooth).

1877 NOT - 140gsm

Slightly textured surface

1881 ROUGH - 200gsm

Cold-pressed, rough surface texture

1881 HP - 160gsm

Hot pressed surface

1886 ROUGH - 160gsm

Cold-pressed textured surface