J Whatman - 1868 Double Elephant Book #3
J Whatman - 1868 Double Elephant Book #3
J Whatman - 1868 Double Elephant Book #3

J Whatman - 1868 Double Elephant Book #3

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You can't find off-the-shelf books of this quality anywhere else in the world because no other bindery makes them. These books can take months, not weeks or days to produce. 

This particular series has been months and months in the making. Over 100 years if you count the age of the paper inside!

Entirely handmade in Scotland by J&J Jeffery, two of the most important (and increasingly collectable) craftspeople in world whose work is held all over the world including at the Met Library in New York City.

This book is covered with marbled paper by Payhembury made on 300+ year old antique printed paper with a leather spine and vellum tipped corners to help to protect the book in their day to day use.


Vegetable tanned leather, gold tooled with J Whatman, 1886 and two handsome elephants which celebrate the paper size; Double Elephant. 

LAYFLAT aka Tightback or Flexible Binding

Due to the traditional, long way round techniques used to make these wonderful books, they open completely flat without any danger of breaking the spine. Most books are case bindings where the book block is glued to the front and rear cover. Ours are a one-piece structure.     

Size - 230 x 175 mm, 9 1/4 x 7 inches

Pages - 42 pages (84 sides)

Paper - 160gsm (approx) heavy text, medium art weight

Light NOT (very subtly textured) surface, white, linen rag, gelatine sized. 

Suitable for water-based media, inks, acrylics etc.