J Green 1972/74

J Green Double Elephant. 9 sheet pack

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 9 Large, Double Elephant Sheets - 105 x 72 cm

J Green, mould made, wove, white, cotton paper, made between 1972 & 1974 (45ish years old).

Sold in a 9 sheet lot 

Ideal for: drawing, printmaking, bookbinding.

On the rare occasion that this is available in this extra large size this is valued as a top end paper for drawing in pencil and ink, printmaking and bookbinding. 

Features a beautiful, very slightly textured Hot Pressed or perhaps a light NOT surface. 

Surface: White, Wove, smooth surface. 

Weight: 155 gsm, 150lb Medium Thick

Size: 1050 x 720mm, 41 1/4 x 28 1/2inch (traditionally called Double Elephant). 

Watermarks: JG