hatakami batik paper
hatakami batik paper

Hatakami Batik - Daisy Pink

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Hatakami batik papers are all coloured by hand on handmade paper made from Nepalese lokta fibre, a fully sustainable plant harvested from the wild. 

The batik method was invented in Indonesia and is a "wax resist" printmaking technique.

Dyes, inks, pigments and paint will not sit on waxed areas allowing patterns and colours to be made in the unwaxed areas of the paper or cloth.


hatakami batik wax resist paper

Pigments are applied to the surface of paper by hand. The white borders have been waxed creating individual squares where colour is be added.

Batik paper has a waxy surface. The most effective way to adhere batik paper to another surface (e.g book board, grey board, lining paper etc is using PVA /bookbinding/craft glue. 

Usage - bookbinding, box covering, decoupage, collage, lamp shades, gift wrapping. 


Large - 780 x 510 mm, 30 3/4 x 20 inches (approximately)