Hatakami: Kala Babu
Hatakami: Kala Babu
Hatakami: Kala Babu

Hatakami: Kala Babu

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HANDMADE PAPER FOR FINE ART - printmaking, drawing calligraphy

Babu is a traditional size of paper meaning small. These packs are cut down from full sheets into eighths, approx Euro A4. 

Babu and Sano (the larger version)  are thick, strong acid-free handmade papers made in the Japanese style for drawing, printmaking and calligraphy. 

This paper is made usng two types of fibre; Argeli (mitsumata) and Sethbarau (kozo). This 50/50 mix gives a fabulous combination of warmth, softness and strength with a hint of natural sheen running through.

Argeli is found in lower altitudes and is otherwise known as Mitsumata, often used in Japanese papermaking.

Sethbarau or Nepalese Kozo is harvested 3500 - 5500 meters above sea level and is prized for its strength and lonevity. 

Both fibres are indiginous to Nepal and are harvested from the wild. They are recognised as some of the most under-used natural resources in the world. 

This packet of paper has been cut down from full sheets and so has some machine cut edged and some natural deckles.

USES: Drawing, calligraphy, printmaking (letterpress and screen printing). 

SIZE: 160 x 240 mm, 6 1/4 x 9 1/2 inches

COLOUR: Natural

SURFACE: Very Smooth


PACK: 20 or 100 sheets