Amatruda Amalfi Coloured Cotton Paper
Amatruda Amalfi Coloured Cotton Paper
amatruda amalfi handmade paper
Amatruda Amalfi Handmade Coloured Papers

Amatruda Amalfi Coloured Cotton Paper

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Available in 8 colours and 2 surfaces

Made in Italy from cotton and starch sized.

They have four deckled edges, a soft surface and come in a range of subtle, muted colours.

The smooth sheets are suitable for:

Pencil, watercolour, charcoal, pastel, chalk, ink, screenprinting, lithography, art publishing, sketches, pen and bookbinding endpapers.

The rough sheets are suitable for all of above but not:

Ink, lithography and pen.

B2, 700 x 500 mm, 27.8 x 19.6 inches
150gsm, 72lb,  (except for the rough surfaced yellow paper which is 200gsm, 90lb)
Smooth and Textured

Colours: Brown Cuttle Ink, Mink, Nut Brown, Yellow, Green, Grey, Blue, Black.