VPCo Handmade Bamboo 160
Letterpress on bamboo 160
printmaking on bamboo 160
antique woodblock print on bamboo 160
Handmade bamboo fibre paper
handmade bamboo fibre paper

VPCo Handmade Bamboo Paper - 5 pack

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Uses - Printmaking, drawing, painting.

PRINTING - We have printed on this paper with metal type, wood type, polymer plate and antique wooden blocks as seen in the photographs.It is possible to print dry, damp or wet on these lovely papers. These can also be used with inkjet and laser printers. 

Particularly good results have been achieved with:

letterpress, woodblock, etching, lithographs and block prints.

DRAWING & PAINTING - Suited to dry media such as pencil, pastels, charcoal, etc and wet media such as acrylic and oils, but we recommend that the paper should be treated like a canvas and coated with a suitable sealing agent if heavy brushwork techniques are used.

The bamboo paper is not suitable for watercolour.

ABOUT - These unusual papers are handmade using a mix of bamboo and Thai kozo/saa fibre which gives a soft, warm, slightly textured sheet. They are dried on a mesh and so the reverse has a more pronounced texture. Both sides are usable.

The papers are archival quality, smooth, acid free, chlorine free and internally sized.


Material - Bamboo and Thai kozo/saa/mulberry fibre

Size - 5 sheets, 297 x 210 mm, 11.69 x 8.27 inches, straight cut edges.

Weight -  Medium/heavy 160gsm +/-


Sample Pack Available Here