J Green handmade imitation parchment paper
J Green handmade imitation parchment paper

Green & Sons - Handmade Imitation Parchment (8 sheets)

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This is one of the smoothest types of handmade paper made.

Superb for botanical watercolour, drawing and calligraphy paper where the smoothest surface is required.

Imitation parchment was made as an alternative to the more expensive animal parchments and vellums for drawing, legal documents and bank bonds.

In recent times it's proven a hit with artists, especially for botanical watercolour

Imitation parchment is made from heavily beaten linen rag with a touch of cotton rag and is sized with gelatin several times to give a super tough surface.

This paper is extremely rare. Probably made in the 1960s. 

Super Hot Pressed - Handmade

Colour: Off white/cream

Surface: Hot Pressed (smooth), Laid

Size: 585 x 460 mm, 23 x 18 inches

Weight: 178gsm (+/-)

Watermarks: Green & Sons

Pack Quantity: 8 sheets