ALPS: No.64 Flowers (green paste)

ALPS: No.64 Flowers (green paste)

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Handmade linocut block print, hand coloured.

Printed with a tinted wheat starch paste on a green washed Five Seasons paper


In days gone by, bookbinders would often make their own decorative papers to cover books and boxes using cheap, simple but effective methods. One such method was squashed paste printing.

Glue made with flour was widely used in the construction of books and often tinted with paints and pigments. At the end of a run of printed matter the paste ink would be amalgamated and would result in dark, dirty colours as seen on this print. 

The paste has been liberally applied to the sheet of paper and the sheet pressed down onto a hard carved lino print. In the 1700s the block would have been carved from wood.

Pressing the paper onto the print removes the paste from the raised detail leaving a squashed print. 

Size - 445 x 320 mm, 17 1/2 x 12 1/2 inches.