Elijah Craig & Son 1790s
Elijah Craig & Son 1790s
Elijah Craig & Son 1790s
Elijah Craig & Son 1790s
Elijah Craig & Son 1790s

Elijah Craig & Son 1790s

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Better known as an award winning brand of bourbon, Elijah Craig was a real person, born around 1738 in Orange County, Virginia, moving to what is now modern-day Kentucky in 1782. He was ordained as a Baptist minister in 1771 and preached the gospel almost until his death in 1808.

Elijah was a true entrepreneur on the frontier and was responsible for promoting the success of industry in the commonwealth. He is recognized as the founder of Georgetown KY where this paper was manufactured.

1789: In partnership with James & Alexander Parker (a Lexington store owner) Craig built the first fulling mill (used in the creation of woolen cloth) at Georgetown on some land he owned on Royal Spring Branch, a tributary of North Elkhorn Creek in 1789 and the first “rope-walk” (necessary for making rope).

In March 1793, Craig, Partners & Company announced that they were "now actually making paper" and promised to produce all types of this article "provided we can get a sufficient supply of rags".

Elijah Craig's son, Joel Craig purchased moulds from the Sellers firm in 1795 & 1797.

It's extremely rare to find unused early American paper especially something so identifiable. 

This is a laid linen rag sheet with foxing throughout as seen in the photos - probably due to the lower standards of manufacture and rag processing than would have been found in Europe at the same time. 


Surface - Laid (the laid lines are 1 1/8 inches apart)

Size - 305 x 180 mm, 12 x 7 1/8 inch

Weight - 109 gsm

Use - Writing, drawing and printing, Would make a fabulous period paper for letterpress. 

Priced as pair of sheets - 1 watermarked, 1 unwatermarked.