W Elgar 1795
W Elgar 1795
W Elgar 1795
W Elgar 1795
W Elgar 1795
W Elgar 1795

W Elgar 1795

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William Elgar operated Chafford Mill on the Medway, outside the village of Fordcombe, near Tonbridge, between c. 1785 and 1802. They produced both laid and wove papers.

The Paper

Made in 1795.

Elgar paper has been found in many different works including prints, paintings and maps produced in Europe, the USA and Canada from the late 1790s which indicates that it was widely exported during that period.

The mill specialized in the production of fine writing paper, well suited to drawing and watercolor work, used by both [William] Blake and J. M. W. Turner.


Sheet #1& #2 - A crown atop a shield containing a fleur de lis with a mirrored WE monogram below

Sheet #3 & #4 - W Elgar 1795


430 x 275 mm, 17 x 10 3/4 inches


Both papers are available in acceptable condition (with small signs of age including the occasional foxing mark, small tear etc) or Seconds condition (with larger areas of aging including foxing, dirt etc. 


Approximately 113 gsm


Laid (the laid lines are 1 1/8 inches apart)