John and Jane Jeffery Handmade Books for Vintage Paper Co Orkney
John and Jane Jeffery Handmade Books for Vintage Paper Co Orkney
John and Jane Jeffery Handmade Books for Vintage Paper Co Orkney

Dutch Gilt Drawing Journal

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A chunky 300(ish) page, totally handmade book for drawing and writing. 

No other series of off-the-shelf handmade (or machine-made) books (that we know of!) contains the volume of high quality paper as these ones have.

No other series of off-the-shelf books are made to this high standard.  


A superior style of binding called Tight-back or Flexible Binding with laced on boards and raised bands.

Tight-back or Flexible binding allows the book to open completely flat without damaging the book; very important when drawing and writing.

This type of structure makes the book incredibly strong and durable. Opening the book flat will, over time, cause the spine to crease but not break. 

Tight Back or Flexible Bindings should not be mistaken for inferior Case Bindings.


The cover paper is a J&J Jeffery Dutch Gilt hand printed paper. Dutch Gilt paper is a printmaking process where metal leaf is used instead of ink. It was widely used in Europe in the 17/18th centuries. 

The spine is made from calfskin, tanned in Edinburgh, Scotland which has been blind tooled (embossed without gold leaf) along the long edges on the cover sides of the spine and on the spine itself. 

Vellum corners help to protect the book from everyday wear and tear as well as adding a decorative flourish.

Adding these tiny vellum corners is a time-consuming detail; it requires a steady hand, patience and skill.

It's incredibly rare to see this attention to detail in any book, especially a blank journal.   


Qty - 300 pages/sides (approximately) and matching endpapers.

Paper - Smooth Cartridge 150gsm  

Colour - White

Media - Inks, pencil..

The foredges are sprinkled blue


215 x 155 x 35 mm

8 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 1 1/4 inches