VINTAGE: OTM A4 1960s 70gsm Letterweight 40 A4 sheets

VINTAGE: OTM A4 1960s 70gsm Letterweight 40 A4 sheets

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OTM - Original Turkey Mill

A vintage machine-made paper dating from the 1960s made at the most important papermill in western papermaking history. 

Turkey Mill, the home of James Whatman, was an early adopter of machine made papers, their first machine up and running in 1857. 

Well known in their time throughout the world for their writing, ledger and drawing (inc printmaking papers) these are the very finest machine made papers we have ever had the pleasure of handling. 

OTM papers were made using cotton, sized with gelatine and either loft sized or force dried depending on the requirements. 


Letterpress printing, book arts, pencil, pen & ink

Size: A4, 210 x 297 mm, 8 1/4 x 11 3/4 inches (approx)

Weight: 70 gsm (light text weight)

Surface: Wove, very smooth

Pack Size: 40 sheets per pack

Full Sheet Equivalent 

Please note that this is the equivalent of 10 full sheets of this particular paper. We may occasionally send 10 full sheets in place of the cut 40 sheet pack when ordered with other large sheets to reduce the burden of extra postage costs on you where 2 separate parcels would need to be otherwise sent.