Bookbinding Thread

Bookbinding Thread - 10 metre lengths

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Vintage Paper Co waxed linen bookbinding thread

Our threads are made for us using 100% pure linen and waxed to ensure trouble free sewing. They are superb quality and are supplied on flat card reels each carrying 10 metres and are available in three weights/sizes:
Thin (35/3) - This is very fine thread normally used when binding smaller books with text weight papers. 
Use our Standard Size needles with this item.
Medium (25/3) - By far our most popular as it's great for most bookbinding purposes. use this with text weight and art papers when binding small or medium sized books. 
Use our Standard Size needles with this item.
Heavy (18/3) - Often used when making exposed spine books or using very heavy paper. This is also a popular choice for leather craft. 
Use our Large Size needles with this item.
Bookbinding Needle and Thread Instructions
How to thread bookbinding needles and bookbinding thread properly