black horn bone folder
ox horn bone folder

Bookbinding & Origami Black Horn Folder - 4"/100mm

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This fantastic little tool is unique to Vintage Paper Co; it's made of black horn instead of bone. It was commissioned by us because many of our customers told us they wanted a tool like a bone folder but with a little flexibility and so this is what this little tool does.

It's about 4"/100mm long and features a pointed end and a rounded end so whilst it's slightly smaller than most other folders it fits perfectly into the hand like a pen allowing you to carry out delicate work. The front edge is pointy, this makes it fantastic for fine work, especially in corners (not sharp enough to cut!) and a rounded end for more general work. We love the size of the original Bookbinding & Origami Bone Folder as do many of our customers and we think that this new black horn model will be just as useful and well received as its bone folder mate!