Blackfox Paperweight #10

Blackfox Paperweight #10

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We began this project over a year ago.

It started as a quick scheme to make some simple weights for our bookbinding practice - nothing flash or over the top, just something heavy, small and practical. However it slowly grew into this; something quite unique and special. 

Obviously these are still perfectly usable in a workshop environment but they're so so well made and unique that they would be at home on any desk, perfect for weighing down those bills you don't want to have to deal with just yet! 


These are box structures filled with lead shot and set in resin. Bound in archival goat leather with a black, Suedel® base.

Each leather piece used was hand dyed using the craquele technique and foil blocked with various hand drawn motifs.


Size: 115 x 65mm, 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches

Weight: 839g