VPCo Brass Ruler - Pre Order Offer
VPCo Brass Ruler - Pre Order Offer
VPCo Brass Ruler - Pre Order Offer

VPCo Brass Ruler - Pre Order Offer

Regular price £400.00 Sale price £350.00

We are now accepting pre orders for the next ruler collection.



The first collection of VPCo Brass Rulers sold out in 8 minutes and crashed our ordering system so we have decided to take pre-orders for the next limited edition ruler which will be delivered early 2022 (February or March).

The design for this edition has not yet been finalised but if you saw the first collection you'll know that it's going to be special. 

  • Limited availability
  • Serial numbered and personalised
  • Machined, milled and enamelled 12 inch/30cm in brass
  • A lavishly gold tooled leather sleeve
  • Presented in a handmade box covered in a special hand printed paper made only for this project 

In addition to this we have some exciting plans to make the 2022 ruler stand out including double sided machining and for pre-order customers, advanced personalisation. 


  • All pre-order customers will have the opportunity to collaborate with us to contribute towards the design of their one-off ruler before they go on general release - we're thinking colour of the leather sleeve and the elements of its tooling and maybe even what we machine into it. 
  • The final price of the 2022 ruler is yet to be set although like the 2021 model it will be at least £400.
  • Whatever the final price ends up being for the 2022 model when it goes on generall release all pre-order customers will pay £350 including shipping. 

Please note that the accompanying photographs are examples of the 2021 ruler and are just to refresh your memory. The 2022 ruler will be just as exquisite but it will be different.


This offer is limited to the first few applicants.

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