Pergamena Vellum

Vellum for botanical watercolour, bookbinding and interiors. 

Pergamena Leather Vellum and Parchment

Vintage Paper Co are the UK supplier for Pergamena; a family business based in Montgomery, New York. They are North America’s leader in vellum, parchment and leather manufacturing.

Originally from Germany, the Meyers have been involved with leather tanning for at least 450 years and for more than 100 of those years in the US.

Pergamena tannery 1903  


Ethical Promise

As a leader in the field, Pergamena is committed to ethical and environmentally sound business practices. The hides used for parchment and leather come from animals that have died naturally or been raised for food. And all of their hides come from North America, with the majority from local farms and hunters. Our leathers are vegetable-tanned, a traditional and environmentally sound process, and we try to use natural and biodegradable dyes or pigments whenever possible.

Whether you are shopping for raw materials or custom designs, you can count on Pergamena for responsible production methods, as well as unrivaled quality.

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