Papery Films

We love paper, obviously. Here are a few of our favoutrite tubes showing the production of paper or crafts associated with paper.


Without doubt our favourite papermaking film. Simon Green explains the process of papermaking at Hayle Mill, Kent, England. 


Roy Tomasso: Papermaking and the history of paper. A fascinating look at how paper is made including some of the specialist equipment used. Roy imparts a huge amount of info regarding the manufacture of the the history of paper.


Making paper in Kyoto. 


Papermaking in Holland. A British Pathe gem. 


Parchment & vellum making. Another British Pathe film.


Making monotype portraits. 


Making Sekishu-Banshi, Japanese papermaking. 

Description: The unique techniques of Sekishu-Banshi papermaking create the strongest paper produced in Japan. Sekishu-Banshi has long been made in the Iwami region of Shimane Prefecture in western Japan, originally as a side business for local farmers.
Once popular among merchants for account books, it is used today primarily for ''shoji'' (paper doors), calligraphy and conservation and restoration work.
The extraordinarily durable paper is handmade from the ''kozo'' tree (paper mulberry), and specifically from the long, tough fibres just under the bark that are considered to have too many impurities for other forms of paper. During the environmentally-friendly process, locally grown kozo is harvested in winter, the outer bark steamed off, the fibres boiled, beaten by hand, mixed with mucilage in water, and then filtered with a wooden-framed bamboo screen to form sheets; the resulting paper is dried on wooden or metal boards.
The art today is the work of specialist papermakers in an artisans association, for whom Sekishu-Banshi is the foundation of their craft and one of the most important parts of their cultural heritage. They pass their traditional techniques to young successors through hands-on training, preserving a sense of continuity and identity.
Country(ies): Japan© 2008 by Hamada City, Sekishu-Banshi Craftsmens Association


The Mass Production of Books - 1947


William Blake's printing processes.


Making Chinese Xuan Paper.


Italian Handmade Paper


Making Cockerell Marbled Paper - 1970


Farewell - ETAOIN SHRDLU - 1978 from Linotype: The Film on Vimeo.


 Korean Papermaking


Japanese Papermaking

Porridge Paper. We've long admired this Nebraskan papermaker from afar.