Hatakami is the brand of paper made in Birtamode, Nepal by the Sitaula family.

The Sitaulas are multi-generational papermaking experts regarded as leading craftspeople in their field.

They make consistently clean, smooth, strong, dimensionally stable, acid-free papers for fine-art, printmaking, calligraphy and general craft. Oh, and bookbinders, because it is handmade there is no grain direction. 

Hatakami Paper is made from two types of fibre, Sethbarau (Nepali Kozo) and Argeli (Mitsumata).

Both are recognised as some of the world's most underused natural resources. They grow in the wild can be harvested every 3 to 4 years.  

Sethbarau (kozo) simply means "white plant" and is found 3500 metres above sea level in the Himalayas. Its main characteristic in papermaking is its whiteness and its strength. It also has a shimmery quality which can be seen in the surface of the paper.

Unprocessed mitsumata fibre. 

Argeli is most commonly known as mitsumata and is widely used in Japanese papermaking. In fact Japanese bank notes are made using mitsumata sourced from Nepal. It has a natural off white colour and a beautifully absorbent quality making it a wonderful fibre for printmaking. 

Hatakami can be used with inks, acrylic paints, pencil and other media including some digital print processes. Because the paper is not made with the same fibres as western paper you may need to do some experimentation to learn how it best works and reacts with your chosen media. It can be quite absorbant with inks and water-based paint so be prepared for that!

The attention to detail taken in every step of the manufacturing process from harvesting, cleaning, cooking and beating the fibre to couching the sheets one by one and drying them individually on wooden boards in the sunshine followed by a thorough inspection for perfection of weight, thickness, cleanliness and fibre distribution means that each sheet you will use is of the very highest standard every time. Any sheets which do not reach our exacting standards are rejected.

Being handmade weights from sheet to sheet can vary.