A letter

A letter to you from Orkney


To begin with I want to let you know that the Coronavirus hasn't arrived in Orkney yet but it's only a matter of time.

As a family, myself, Bridget and wee Tom are well at the moment, we're being mindful of the situation; washing our hands, social distancing and all of that malarky. We've got enough porridge oats and we are planting up the garden with veggies soon. 

Our situation as an island community is much the same - everyone is being careful and generally everything is calm but we're all unsettled due to the unknowingness of what's happening and what might happen - nothing like this has happened in our lifetime, what are you supposed to do? What's going to happen? No one knows.

As for the local economy, in the spring and summer Orkney is normally a thriving tourist destination but the cruise liners have all cancelled, flights here have been scaled back dramatically, the AirBnBs are being unbooked, the festivals have been postponed until 2021, the restaurants and hotels are closed, the crab boats can't sell their catches to Europe because Europe is closed. It's not good. 

From my perspective, business-wise, tough times ahead - unfortunately hand printed paper is very low on the list of things to panic buy! However I'll keep plugging away and doing my best because I can't do anything else. I hope to scrape through this by the skin of my teeth.

I've closed the workshop to public visits as it's a tight area and distancing is impossible however I continue to make stuff and print papers and my mail order operation is alive and kicking, I'm continue to ship worldwide. 

I see the situation developing around the world and you, my customers are very much a global bunch so let me end this ramble nonsense by thanking you for everything and I wish you and your families my sincere and genuine best wishes.

I hope you stay safe and healthy.  

Best wishes, William

Owner - Vintage Paper Co. 


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