VPCo Crown Edition: Vintage White

VPCo Crown Edition: Vintage White

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Handmade paper for printmaking, bookbinding & drawing.

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VPCO Crown is a European handmade paper for us and for people like us who need a high quality multi-purpose paper at reasonable prices.

Properly made using just cotton and linen rag fibres, VPCo Crown is a characterful and robust paper perfect for general use in the following areas:


Letterpress, screen printing, digital, marbling and more


Printed covers


Inks, pencil, some paint.

All VPCo Crown Handmade is acid-free with no grain direction. 

Choose 10, 40 or 100 sheet packs

Colour - Vintage White

Fibre - 60% cotton, 40% linen

Surface - Smooth surface, Wove (no lines within the sheet)

Weight - 220gsm +/- (medium text weight)

Sizing - Internally sized with AKD/Aquapel 

Size - Minor Royal (42 x 59cm, 16 x 23 inches)

Grain Direction - None

Watermarks - "Vintage Paper Co", "Handmade" and an "L" signifying a high linen content


12 cut sheets (11 ¾ x 8 ½ inches, 297 x 215 mm approx)


Traditional printmaking (letterpress, screen printing etc), drawing (pencil and ink), bookbinding (printed covers), some digital print, marbling.