Papyrus Papers

Unique handmade papyrus paper made of very thinly sliced fruits and vegetables.

Papyrus differs from paper as it is made of layers of vegetable, fruit or plants rather than fibres pulped and formed into sheets.  

The photographs are taken variously on a light box and/or in natural light. 

Availability will vary depending on season. 

No chemicals are used, all natural, each sheet is unique.

Each sheet is approximately 16 x 21 cm, 6 1/4 x 8 1/4 inch although sizes may differ slightly. 

Papyrus FAQs:

What is Vegetable Papyrus?

These are "papers" made with 100% fruits and vegetables.

Technically they are no papers but papyrus, since they are not made from pulp but from sliced plant parts.

In the production process is no glue is added to adhere the slices; the drying process is the adhesive.

Since the papers are all natural, colors can change. Some fade over time, others change into a different color.

How sturdy are they?

Like paper but in may ways more delicate - definitely more brittle.

Their biggest enemy is water. As long as they stay dry, they will last a long time. The first papers we made in 1997 are still around. Each kind of paper is different and reacts differently. Usually papers made from vegetables are more pliable than fruit papers.

What can I do with them?

They can be used for silk screening and other printing techniques. Important not to get them too wet though.

Also useful for collage and they look great framed.