The VPCo Standard Brass Ruler

Milled, machined and enamelled entirely in Orkney. 

The VPCo Standard Brass Ruler is two things:

1. It's a beautifully made practical tool made for everyday use in the home, the studio and workshop.

2. It's an emotional and frustrated reaction against the loss of manufacturing skill in the modern western world. 


A few years ago, as users and collectors of vintage brass tools we were inspired to reproduce a ruler from our collection. At the time we thought it'd be a cool and fun addition to our product range. Nothing more than that. 

At the beginning of our search we believed that it'd be straightforward to simply engage a ruler or tool manufacturer in Europe or America to make for us a standard 12" brass ruler with stamped or machined increments. How hard could it be? Turns out, pretty darned hard.

There was no one, not a single manufacturer we could find in the west (or indeed China - we checked) capable of fulfilling our request to our specification. The people have gone, the machinery has gone and the knowledge has gone so what to do? 

We decided to make it ourselves. 


The Standard Ruler is milled, machined and enamelled in Orkney and is available in inches and centimetre versions.

The zero or start of the measuring scale on both rulers are at the narrow edge of the ruler.