Antique Paper

Despite the onward unstoppable march of super technologies that we're all now experiencing (and enjoying), nothing has changed the world quite like paper has for so many people for so many years. 

Where once it was a ubiquitous commodity, handmade paper is now the product of cottage industries dotted around the globe made by a handful of dedicated women and men committed to the upkeep of the craft. Up until the 1800s, handmade was the only way.  

The papers in this collection were produced just a few years before papermaking machines came into existence and are some final examples of handmade, everyday paper.  

This is a small and very rare collection from the 18th century from England, France, The Netherlands and America.

We believe our research to be accurate - the history of each type of paper, as best as we can find it can be found in the individual listings.

We have included as much information as we can on the watermarks, the mills and the people whose watermarked names are included in the papers.