Properly Made Writing Journal 🖎☰37

Properly Made Writing Journal 🖎☰37

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A LayFlat, handmade writing journal with hand printed covers, antique vellum spine & corners. Filled with 224 pages of lined/ruled paper.

Covers - VPCo Letterpress Print

Spine - Antique vellum/parchment (papery leather) document from the 1800s.

Corners - Vellum tipped offering protection to the book when in a bag or pocket or being placed on a shelf. Just another nod to the attention to detail found in Properly Made Books.

Paper Inside - A creamy white Italian paper perfect for inks and pencil. Every page is Lined/ruled for writing.

Size - 170 x 125mm, 6 3/4 x 5 inches

Pages - 224