Dutch Gilt: Mythical Birds No.63

Dutch Gilt: Mythical Birds No.63

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Birds flying and resting in a luscious garden of flowers. 

Suitable for bookbinding, box making, picture framing, furniture decoration and the general paper crafts.

Print: Dutch Gilt + Stencilled Background

Dutch Gilt Relief printing is where a lino plate has metal leaf applied to its surface which is brought into contact with treated, sized paper. When pressure is applied, the non-recessed surface will leave leaf on the paper, whereas the recessed areas will not. When perfectly dry, the excess leaf is carefully removed revealing the pattern. 

A stencilled "Harlequin" background

Stencilling - A stencil is made by cutting out the required shapes in a heavy oiled cardstock to match the area where added colour is desired. An translucent ink is dabbed over the hole in the stencil leaving the colour making a multiple coloured, highly decorative print. 

Block: No.63, hand carved lino

Print Size: 18 x 12¾ inches. 455 x 320 mm (approx)

Paper: Two sheets, laminated. Handmade linen rag. Antique Latin text printed paper from the early 1700s.

Published: February 2023

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Made By: J&J Jeffery