VPCo XL Burnisher

Made in Stromness, Orkney. The Largest Production Burnisher In The World.

VPCo Agate Burnishers are tools used in paper related crafts, most commonly bookbinding and printmaking.

A large, smooth, jewelry quality agate stone is mounted in a teak wood handle with silicone. Each stone is double sided so that in the event of damage it can be cut out with a sharp knife, turned around and remounted. Every burnisher is supplied in a protective, draw string bag made with a VPCo patterned fabric.

Using vigorous rubbing (often in conjunction with bees wax, carnauba wax or other agent such as frangrance-free soap) a burnisher polishes and stengthens paper and other natural materials including leather, vellum/parchment, gold leaf and fabrics.

The polishing action consolidates the surface of the paper, turning it from a matt to a high sheen, gloss. This not only creates a pleasing, luxurious look, it also adds strength to the surface helping to add longevity to the object, especially useful when the object such as a book is regularly handled.

Historically, decorative papers and even book covering cloths were routinely burnished. Look at many older books on the covers and the endpapers, especially marbled paper - you'll often notice a high sheen. The practice of burnishing almost disappeared when book production became widely mechanised. All VPCo Properly Made Books are burnished.

This is the fifth production run of the VPCo XL Burnisher and will be the last for some time.   


Every burnisher is handmade - each handle and stone unique.

  • Hand-carved Brazlian "Lifespan" agate polishing stone - 4 inches 10cm wide, double side profiled for easy swapping out in case of damage or the extremely unlikely event of wear & tear.
  • Hand finished, reclaimed teak wood handles designed for one and two handed use.
  • Deep carved logo grip
  • Protective soft cotton bag in exclusive VPCo fabrics
  • Works on decorative and plain paper, leather, vellum, gold leaf and some fabrics.
  • 5 yr guarantee*