ALPS: Birds & Insects (orange) No.72
ALPS: Birds & Insects (orange) No.72

ALPS: Birds & Insects (orange) No.72

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A peaceful print of birds resting on flowers with insects going about their business.

Suitable for bookbinding, box covering and lining, picture framing, furniture and the general paper crafts.

Print: Squash paste lino print

Paste Printing is a very old technique whereby a pigmented paste (usually made from wheat flour) is painted onto the sheet of paper, that sheet laid onto a printing plate.

Pressure is applied by hand or via a printing press, the ink is squeezed away from the pattern leaving a two tone print. It creates a softer image, not a "hi res" print as you would expect from a traditional process such as letterpress. 

Print Block: No.72, hand carved lino.

Size: 17¾ x 13 inches, 450 x 330 mm (approx)


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Made By: J&J Jeffery.