FANCY: Mythical Birds
FANCY: Mythical Birds
FANCY: Mythical Birds

FANCY: Mythical Birds

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Birds flying and resting in a luscious garden of flowers. 

Suitable for framing and the paper crafts - bookbinding, box covering and lining.

Made By J&J Jeffery

This print is made from one hand cut lino block, printed in black ink and each of the many colours added by hand.

Please note that the "in situ" photograph of this print shows the print covering an album as is for reference only. In other words, this sale does not include a book :)

Print: Relief Printed

Relief printing is where a printing block or plate has ink applied to its non-recessed surface which is brought into contact with paper. When pressure is applied, the non-recessed surface will leave ink on the paper, whereas the recessed areas will not. 

Print Size (excluding border): 

14½ x 10¾ inches, 370 x 275 mm (approx)

Total Size (including border):

19 x 12½ inches, 480 x 320 mm (approx)

Print: Made from a single hand cut lino block, coloured by hand, made on blue-grey laid paper.

Our Tip: A larger print, looks wonderful framed or when used as a covering material.