VPCo Handmade Paper


Best quality handmade papers for us and for people like us.

VPCo Handmade is a range of versatile, premium quality, affordable, European-made paper for printmaking, bookbinding, drawing and painting.

All VPCo papers are handmade from a 60/40 blend of cotton and linen rag which offers strength, robustness, dimensional stability, sheet-to-sheet consistency and character. The papers are internally sized with aquapel (AKD dimer); the watercolour papers are additionally surface sized with a choice of starch or gelatine. 

Most importantly, it has the properties that we admire in papers made during the golden age of British papermaking by manufacturers such as J Whatman and Barcham Green. If you've ever had the pleasure of using any of these then you'll know what we're saying.

VPCo Handmade Paper works with:

Inks, pens, pencil, paint. watercolour brush pens, oil pastels, Conte, graphite, chalk and for the traditional printmaking processes including letterpress, screen printing, digital inkjet, marbling, cyanotype, lino. 

The surface is and strong smooth, each sheet has four tight natural deckled edges. Being handmade there is no grain direction giving it maximum versatility for use in the book arts.

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