FANCY: Folk ✔️
FANCY: Folk ✔️

FANCY: Folk ✔️

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Two people standing outside a walled city. Inspired by a historiated initial or figurative letter. 

A historiated initial is an initial, an enlarged letter at the beginning of a paragraph or other section of text, that contains a picture. Strictly speaking, a historiated initial depicts an identifiable figure or a specific scene, while an inhabited initrial contains figures (human or animal) that are decorative only, without forming a subject.

Print Size: 10 x 8 inches, 252 x 193 mm (approx)

Print: Printed in black and coloured by hand. Made on antique text printed paper.

Made By: J&J Jeffery

Suitable for bookbinding, box covering and lining, picture framing, furniture and the general paper crafts.

Our Tip: Looks beautiful in a picture frame and also on the cover of books and boxes.