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KEEP MEMORIES SAFE in a beautiful, huge, one-off book, handmade in Scotland, using a unique combination of natural and recycled materials.

Nominally called a scrapbook, this has been carefully constructed in such a way to allow you to mount printed matter onto the pages without compromising the way the book works.

If you use any old book for these purposes, for example a sketchbook, you'll quickly find that gluing in photos, newspaper cuttings, certificates etc, will cause that book to bellow, bulge and become unwiedly. Not so with these scrapbooks. They're built specifically for these purposes.   

What's more, the recycled papers inside is also good for pen, ink, pencil and gouache paint allowing you to embellish to your heart's content!

This big, fat, handsome book is bound in gold tooled leather and beautiful hand printed leather. 

This binding boasts vellum tipped corners and a pair of unbleached linen ties - both of these features act as a protectorant for the book and its contents.

The spine is crafted from supple, vegetable tanned leather, topped and tailed with an elegant, hand tooled, dotted line in genuine gold leaf. The advanced techniques used to create this book allows it to be opened fully without fear of causing structural damage.

The covers are all hand printed in a variety of ways - paste papers and lino relief printed. 

The cover paper has been burnished by hand to a high sheen. This not only adds to the beauty of the overall piece, making it nice and shiny, but the act of burnishing consolidates the fibres of the paper, flattening them, making the surface stronger. thus giving a layer of protection from tearing and dirt ingress in day-to-day handling and transportation

You can read more about the benefits of burnishing here.

Inside, this is filled with over xxx pages of Kairpit paper, meaning this hefty beast of a book feels particularly satisfying in the hand. 

Kairpit Kairpit Kraft is a heavy weight, unbleached recycled industrial kraft style paper, an unusual book paper but one we felt fitting for this run of books. It's a two tone paper, lighter on one side than the other with clearly visible recycled inclusions.

One of the reasons we like Kairpit Kraft is because it makes colour pop.

This is a gouache painting; a media that excels on Kairpit paper. It's also very good with various dry media including pencils, pastels and so on. It isn't very happy with very wet media though, so we wouldn't recommend using watercolour on it.


  • LayFlat design - allows this book to open fully without causing any structual damage making it completely usable for years.
  • Spine - Leather with gold tooling
  • Corners - Vellum
  • Covers - Hand coloured lino relief print
  • Foredges - Untrimmed, red ink sprinkled.
  • Paper Inside - Kairpit Kraft
  • Size - HUGE 16 x 12 inches, 400 x 300 mm
  • Page Count - 104
  • Made By - J&J Jeffery


Every Properly Made Book is unique - VPCo never makes the same book twice.