Dutch Gilt: Bull No.73

Dutch Gilt: Bull No.73

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Suitable for bookbinding, box making, picture framing, furniture decoration and the general paper crafts.

Print: Dutch Gilt Relief Print

Dutch Gilt Relief printing is where a lino plate has metal leaf applied to its surface which is brought into contact with treated, sized paper. When pressure is applied, the non-recessed surface will leave leaf on the paper, whereas the recessed areas will not. When perfectly dry, the excess leaf is carefully removed revealing the pattern. 

Block: No.98, hand carved lino

Many of the blocks used for smaller prints like this one are hand stamps rather than huge plates. Lino is mounted into a block of wood for stability and a handle added on to aid handling.

Total Size: 10¼ x 7¼ inches. 260 x 185 mm (approx)

Paper: Oxgangs

Oxgangs is made by hand in John & Janes workshop from recycled pulped paper scraps, linen sewing threads, hemp cord and any other discarded natural fibre typically found in a bookbinding workshop.

Most of the papers have tiny fragments of ancient text printed paper in the surface which adds interest and character to each sheet. Each sheet has uneven edges known as natural deckles only found in handmade paper.

Published: February 2023

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Made By: J&J Jeffery